"Their World - Harlem's energy is high, so if you find that yours is flagging, this coffee shop serves Stumptown beans to help you refuel."
"101 Places to Find Great Coffee In New York - The number of serious coffee shops in New York has exploded. Good drinks can be found all over the city — even in parts of town that were coffee deserts not long ago."
"Where To Get Good Coffee Near Every Subway Stop In Manhattan - We're never far from from chain brand java in times of desperation, but there are always better options if you know where to look."
"This artisanal coffee shop takes its java very seriously..."
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"BEST COFFEE - This specialty coffee house opened up in 2012, and has been a local favorite every since... The atmosphere is cool and relaxed, just like Harlem."
"WHERE TO EAT - Lenox Coffee is a low-lit, cozy spot which brews Stumptown, plays great music, and allows laptops."
"On any given freezing day Lenox Coffee is packed. You would think during a blizzard people would want to stay home but nope! They all just make their way to Lenox Coffee,” says Anjie Recio, a current barista at the shop."
"Looking for a chill coffee spot with free internet, good coffee, friendly staff and snacks?  Now take that one step further and you also want a place that serves a nice selection of beer and wine?  Well, then Lenox Coffee in Harlem is your place."
"Become a regular at this neighborhood gem, owned and operated by 2 Harlem locals. They serve Stumptown Coffee."
"HARLEM — When Aaron Baird spoke in July with a real estate friend about an empty space on Lenox Avenue, he had no idea he'd soon realize a longtime goal — to open a spot where people could sip coffee and relax."
"..Lenox Coffee is a little coffee house that sprung up late last year. The cappuccinos are great and it's quickly becoming a hangout spot for the neighborhood. I love getting my caffeine fix there." - Marcus Samuelson
"... the idea for Lenox Coffee was just a dream until the two came across the empty space on Lenox Avenue in July and envisioned the perfect space for the perfect coffee shop.
"...Lenox Coffee feels like a place one would sit around for some time and have friends drop by to hang out. This is exactly what Central Harlem has been waiting for as far as a classic place to have coffee so skip the Starbucks on 125th Street and head up 4 blocks north to check it out."  - Harlem Bespoke